Caterpillars will often feed on just
one species of plant, referred to as
their "host" plant.

Charles Wright worked for over six
months to identify the host for the
morpho. In 1990, he tentatively
identified this tree as
Pterocarpus hayesii.

(see Charles Wright, OBE - Tribute)

CW feeding caterpillars

Later, I will post at
this site a very detailed account,
written by Charles Wright,  of the
fascinating life cycle of the
blue morpho.

Charles recording data on blue morpho (Morpho peleides limpida) "worms" or caterpillars.  The process of raising butterflies is labor and knowledge intensive. The "instars" 
(caterpillar stages)
are kept in plastic cups. Each must 
be cleaned daily of droppings and
new host specific plant food added.

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